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Modern Cuckoo Clock 8-Day Bamboo brown 7.5 inch
Modern Cuckoo Clock 8-Day Bamboo brown 7.5 inch
Modern Cuckoo Clock 8-Day Bamboo brown 7.5 inch
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Modern Cuckoo Clock 8-Day Bamboo brown 7.5 inch
Bamboo Cuckoo Clocks

Cuckoo Clock Modern 8-Day Bamboo Clock, brown 7.5 inches tall

Modern Cuckoo Clock with mechanical 1-day movement.
This is a very unusual cuckoo clock from the Modern Art Collection Series of Rombach & Haas Clocks.
This clock is completely made of bamboo wood, completely handcrafted. This is a very environmentally friendly resource. Bamboo is a very fast growing plant and thus the use of bamboo wood helps to preserve natural resources.
Bamboo wood has a very nice grain and the clock surface is manufactured in such a way that this grain remains visible even with color stained clocks. The clock has a high quality wood surface.
The cuckoo construction with this clock is equally unusual. The cuckoo is outside the clock, on the top of the clock. At the full hour and the half hour the cuckoo calls and also moves. Even thought the bird is outside the clock, it makes the typical movement. The tail lifts up and the birds head makes a kind of nodding movement.
The cuckoo calls once at the half hour and the exact time (number of hours) at the full hour.
Wooden hands, cuckoo, pendulum.
size: 7.5 inches tall (measured without the cuckoo on top: 6.3 inches); 6.3 inches wide; 5.5 inches deep; 2 x 1260g weights.
color: brown / dark brown
high quality Regula movement
night shut-off
2 years warranty
VdS certified
made by Rombach & Haas Clock Factory, Schonach, Black Forest.
handmade, made in Germany.

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